Your Commute Options

At 36 Commuting Solutions, it is part of our mission to encourage US 36 commuters to move out of their comfort zones and try new approaches to commuting as a way to relieve existing traffic congestion and improve our air quality.

We accomplish this by partnering with our business members and community partners to conduct a variety of outreach and education activities for US 36 employees and residents.  We are also a part of a Transportation Demand Management Partnership through the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and the Way to Go program, allowing us to collaborate regionally with other agencies.  Our diverse solutions and commute options offer commuters less stress, reduced costs and often more time, so they can focus more on the things they enjoy.

We also produce several commuting resources, including an interactive regional Bike36 bicycle map and transit guide, and offer a commuter incentive program to encourage solo drivers to take advantage of active transportation.

Other Commute Resources: