Bicyclists navigate a bike path near Interlocken Business Park.

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Biking to work has increased in recent years by unprecedented numbers both here in Colorado and around the country. Walking has also increased dramatically as more and more people prefer to live in walkable communities.

Considering the benefits of bicycling and walking in general, it’s no wonder so many commuters are making their trip to work a human-powered one.

Bike to Work Day is June 24, 2015! Learn more about how you and your company can support and participate in this free, region-wide event.

I love riding my bike to work. I can’t think of a more positive way of starting my work day. I am doing something good for the environment, good for my pocketbook, and good for my body. Plus, if my work day greets me with a hefty challenge, I am more likely to deal with it in a productive way because I am in a good frame of mind by starting my day the way I did.
Amy Thomas, 2015


Local and regional bicycle route information:

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