Interactive Map: Bike 36

Welcome to the Bike 36 interactive bike map! This map is made possible through a collaborative effort with Longmont, Boulder, Boulder County, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Arvada and Westminster governments as well as Way to Go, Esri and 36 Commuting Solutions.

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Below are some brief instructions on how to best use the map:

Details Tab

This tab offers links to other useful bicycle-related content on the web.

Legend Tab

This tab shows which type of bike path is indicated by the different colored lines in the map.

Layers Tab

The layers tab allows you to customize your map view to show either the bike routes, RTD bus stop locations, RTD Park-n-Ride locations, RTD bus routes, or RTD Call-n-Ride service areas, or any combination of those listed.

Basemap Tab

The basemap tab allows you to further customize your map view by choosing the background you prefer including satellite images, topographic and terrain maps, aerial views and more.

Measure Tab

This tab offers you a variety of tools to measure distances, area and get precise latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

Share Tab

The share tab gives you the option to share specific map views with your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.