Workplace Ambassador Network

The purpose of our Workplace Ambassador Network (WAN) is to help employees along the US 36 corridor encourage coworkers to choose sustainable transportation options, such as carpooling, riding transit, bicycling, vanpooling, teleworking or walking.

The role of a Workplace Ambassador is unique for each organization. Depending on how your coworkers currently commute and the options available, some strategies will work better than others. We work with our ambassadors to understand which transportation options work best for their organizations.

Workplace Ambassador Network: 2016 Meeting Schedule
The Workplace Ambassador Network meets quarterly to share information about successful commute programs and upcoming US 36 projects.

Our first meeting for 2016 was Thursday, February 18, and the date of our May meeting will be announced soon.

RES Americas employees Sierra Smidinger and Crystal Shen.

“Being a Workplace Ambassador connects me with the people and resources necessary to promote alternative commuting options to my coworkers. At RES Americas, we’re focused on sustainable business practices that make a net positive impact on the environment. During the past year, we’ve educated employees in alternative commuting options through Bike to Work Day, free EcoPasses, employee information sessions and a “Curb Your Frustration” Mixer. The 36 Commuting Solutions’ staff has been a significant partner, visiting our office to work directly with our employees and answer their questions.”
 -Sierra Smidinger, Sustainability & Communications Coordinator at RES Americas.

What is a Workplace Ambassador?
A Workplace Ambassador is a company representative who promotes transportation options within their company. Workplace Ambassadors are most effective when they receive support from upper-level management. This may include an annual budget for the WAN program or the freedom to spend time outside their usual job to work on transportation-related projects.

Objectives for a Workplace Ambassador:

  • Reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips
  • Educate employees on their travel choices
  • Inspire employees to use sustainable transportation options
  • Set realistic goals in the workplace to measure effectiveness

Who Should Become a Workplace Ambassador?
Anyone can be a Workplace Ambassador! Ambassador’s should be interested in supporting balanced transportation, working with other employees and managing the elements of a worksite transportation program.

Our Workplace Ambassadors Receive:

  • Information and resources on commute options
  • New employee packets
  • Employee commute surveys
  • Bus pass program assistance
  • A “commute resources corner” in their office
  • Newsletter articles
  • Monthly updates on the latest in transportation and commuting
  • Exclusive access to events, such as transportation fairs and lunch-n-learns
  • Carpool matching services
  • Vanpool assistance
  • Telework consultations
  • Individual trip-planning assistance

To learn more about the functions and benefits of participation in the Workplace Ambassador Network:


 Benefits of WAN
36 Commuting Solutions WAN Checklist

Getting started
Contact us at 303-604-4383 or info@36commutingsolutions.org to set up a consultation meeting.